Insurance Backed Alliancing: The IPI Model

11th Mar 2022

12.00 - 13:00

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Webinar Overview

Learning a new way of thinking – a new process that already delivers on the Playbook and all other papers. Something that is true collaboration and integration with no right to subrogation, shared risk and reward, a different way of insuring projects How to actually get earliest contractor involvement.
For Designers who are fed up of the implications and costs of PII. Anyone who feels there is a better way of procuring and delivering contractors who are fed up with all the risk being dumped on them– clients who actually want better risk share and project delivered on time and to budgets they can afford. Specialists and supply chain who want to be paid fairly and on time and equally add their skills to input into the design solution. Some clients agents and practitioners who need to understand the role they could/should play in delivering projects under Insurance Backed alliancing.
Learn how it truly works – what are the advantages to your particular discipline and how it incentivizes better value and spend




Louise is a Director and owner of IPInitiatives who developed the IPI Model. She has a background in main contracting in her earlier career, from a degree in construction management and design, and latterly Collaborative Consultancy.


Louise is a trained facilitator, trainer and is a practitioner of using numerous psychometric tools. She has a key interest in people, behaviours and practical implementation of processes. Louise ran some of the first behavioural workshop as part of the procurement and selection process for major frameworks in the early 2000s. Louise is a Director of IPInitiatives responsible for Behavioural Analysis and Facilitation on projects.


IPInitiatives own the IPI Model and Alliance Contract, using Insurance Backed Alliancing (IBA). It is named in the Government Construction Strategy as a new model of construction. IBA is a positive disruptor in the industry for procurement, and delivery. The aims of the model are being exhibited daily with real changes in behaviour and a true no blame collaboration liberated by getting rid of contractual and insurance barriers. In terms of the effect on how businesses work in the digital age, it removes the contractual and insurance barriers and negates the need for PII. She has witnessed the freedom and innovation this permits in design and delivery over three trial projects where federated models and shared platforms, digital twin etc are used and shared from day one.


The first trial project delivered 6.5% below the client’s investment target. The third was below target cost giving the alliance members a gain and was £130/m2 below DfE Benchmarks. IBA responds to many recently released industry papers– but the model existed before most were written!


Louise is passionate about changes required in the industry and wants the race to the bottom , poor overheads and ‘design and dump’ to end!


She believes that our industry is ripe for change but struggles to find those truly brave enough!

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