Construction Logistics to Protect your Community and Reputation

11th June 2021

12.00 - 13:00


Those attending will be awoken to the likely harm construction vehicles servicing their projects currently cause their community, profitability and hard won business reputation from ill-considered construction logistics – and importantly simple positive actions regulators, construction clients (and their consultants), principal contractors and fleet operators should take to help prevent the 5,500 fatal or personal injury collisions occur every year between vehicles commonly used in the construction sector and pedestrians, pedal cyclists and motorcyclists and the emissions construction sites and their associated transportation logistics generate. CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) was created by industry for industry to drive focused protective action.

Local authority planners/highways officers, construction clients, their consultants, principal contractors and fleet operators. Each have defined actions that leverage their influence and drive information flow to ensure everyone understands the risk their project creates for themselves and others.

The number and demographics of those killed or injured over the last 5 years in collisions between Vulnerable Road Users in the general public and vehicles commonly used in the construction sector, as well as the shameful contribution our sector currently makes to poor air quality through to NOx, PM10 and PM2.5 emissions. However you will also learn about the positive action each key stakeholder in our sector should take that really makes a difference – actions developed and defined by a collaborative industry board and adopted by over 350 CLOCS Champion organisations committed to implementing that Standard and urging other organisations to take positive action too. When the national CLOCS Standard was implemented, some London boroughs saw a 47% reduction in collisions and 37% reduction in complaints with 2 years (though improvements probably weren’t exclusively down to implementing CLOCS).

DEREK REES , Chief Executive of SECBE and Programme Director of CLOCS has been driving positive change in the sector for 30 years. Originally a construction manager, Derek was core in the Latham team in the late 90s and involved in various change programmes since incl. driving industry awareness and adoption of Lean Thinking, Site Waste Management Plans, and BIM. Derek has led the development and delivery of the current CLOCS Standard and growth across the UK of CLOCS implementation. Derek also co-leads the development and delivery of the Innovative Future Leaders Programme created by SECBE to drive a culture of innovation and improvement across the sector.

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