Carbon Accounting and Net Zero in Construction

14th Oct 2022

12.00 - 13:00


Webinar Overview

Carbon Accounting is mandatory for many UK organisations and is increasingly seen as standard for all businesses. Construction is a major emitter of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and investors and customers are increasingly demanding more action. Marsh’s ground-up carbon accounting team can help you gain visibility and take control over your carbon emissions.

Key Benefits:
1. Ensuring your Carbon / Greenhouse Gas Inventory is in line with international and UK requirements.
2. Practical improvements to bring greater detail and confidence to your GHG figures.
3. Independent verification and assurance of your current methodology and calculations.
4. Allows the start of detailed emission reduction discussions and action planning.
5. Allows future investments / expansions to take account of environmental impacts



Carbon Accounting Leader

Hugh leads our UK centre of excellence in GHG emissions analysis and policy
GHG Accounting qualified
15 years experience business and risk modelling
Specialist in GHG accounting tools and modelling

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