CO2nstruct Zero and the Net Zero Challenge

25th June 2021

12.00 - 13:00


Learn about how you as a business can contribute and make a difference in reducing your emissions as part of the sector’s broader drive. Any business/organization in the sector who has either made a NZ commitment/or is thinking of doing so and would like to find out more about the construction sector’s broader plans and ambitions in this space.

You can learn about how the construction sector is coming together, under the umbrella of CO2nstruct Zero to co-ordinate its response to the Prime Minister’s Net Zero Challenge. You will hear about how Construct Zero is galvanizing support from across the breadth of the sector, ranging from local SME’s through to large scale global corporate companies.


A civil engineer by profession, Hannah is chief executive of the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) which represents the businesses which design, deliver and manage our national infrastructure.

She is a member of the Construction Leadership Council’s COVID-19 Taskforce, helping to shape the industry response to the pandemic, and spearheaded the launch of the industry-wide skills platform, the Construction Talent Retention Scheme.

In her first year at ACE, she launched the Future of Consultancy which aims to pivot an entire sector to seize the opportunities offered by a better connected, technology-first approach to the development, design, construction and operation of our built environment.

Hannah joined ACE from the Institution of Civil Engineers where she led the policy and public affairs team and the development and roll-out of Project 13. Prior to this she worked at Infrastructure UK, part of HM Treasury, where she worked closely with the Commercial Secretary and advised the Chancellor of the Exchequer. In this role she spearheaded 22 Routemap exercises to improve value for money, delivery and performance on a range of major project proposals including HS2, Crossrail 2 and the Olympic Park in London.

Prior to this she spent ten years at the Environment Agency and worked across a range of flood defence schemes.

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