How safe are you really from a cyberattack?

8th September 2023

12.00 - 13:00


Webinar Overview

Learn from other horror stories of real scenarios where companies who though they were safe from a cyberattack were breached, how painful the experience was, how CyberQ Group provided incident response and forensics, the outcome and cost, and what can be done to prevent it happening again.

For Board members, Owners, and C-level executives of companies (or Govt Dept)

In many cases our clients who believed they were perfectly secure from a cyberattack find they have been breached. The key learning is what you need to know about your current IT set-up and the questions to ask your staff/suppliers to ensure you are safe from attack. From the failings of other companies who get a ransomware or data loss attack we can advise senior executives how to avoid the horrendous costs of an attack which could cripple their business.



Director Channel Partners - CyberQ Group

Gary Kinsley, a 30 year veteran of the cybersecurity industry has written two books on cybersecurity and consults with security vendors and companies alike to ensure customers are safe from attack and when an attack does happen (and it will), clients can remediate in the fastest time and for minimal cost.

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