Great projects need great teams

Friday 29th May 2020, 12.00 pm

Webinar Overview

More and more, we need to work within and across teams to achieve our goals. However, this is not easy. Dr Andrew Dewar applies expertise in psychology and continuous improvement, as well as experience developing high-performing teams in a sport, third sector, public sector and private sector, to increase team performance.

This webinar will explore the role of purpose, leadership, accountability and psychological safety in creating high-performing teams..

Speaker: Andrew Dewar

Performance Psychologist, WSP

Andrew brings calm to your chaos. He uses expertise in psychology and continuous improvement to enhance performance and solve complex problems. His innovative work has been published in academic journals, providing life-enhancing advice to people around the world. Andrew’s knowledge has propelled him through a young but stellar leadership career, gaining awards in high level sport, third and public sector. He currently pursues his passion for performance improvement in three ways. Building and developing high performance teams within and across organisations. Helping leaders develop through one to one coaching so they have an even greater positive impact. Leading change by improving morale, motivation, systems, processes and culture.

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