Transformation through Collaboration


The Construction Industry Collaboration Initiative (CICI)

Why Collaboration and Why Now?‚Äč

Collaboration in the workplace between organisations has been a long-standing challenge. The Construction sector is no exception with its use in the sector having been at best patchy despite Construction Excellence having long advocated its benefits. ‚Äč

The need for collaboration to improve contract delivery and projects through the supply chain has never been more important given the current economic climate typified by market contraction, labour and skill shortages, supply chain issues and problems as well as a lack of investment in Digitisation across the sector.

"We are confident that the Construction Industry Collaboration Initiative will help to address the challenges that have persistently hindered the construction sector, and we look forward to working with our members to drive positive change in the industry.‚ÄĚ

Kevin Harris, CEO CESW

“Collaboration is fundamental to Constructing Excellence. This initiative led by the South West is an excellent mechanism to upskill and train those at all levels in the sector on how to effectively collaborate.”

Alison Nicholl, Head of Constructing Excellence

Our vision 

 'To tirelessly promote and encourage collaboration and collaborative working.'

Our purpose 

¬† 'To provide quality research and learning that helps people to build collaborative working behaviours.'‚Äč

“Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire is delighted to partner with the South West Region in the delivery of this Collaborative Initiative. This subject matter is most relevant in the Construction sector today as we seek to work in a collaborative manner. We look forward to seeing how the delivery of the certificate drives improvement across the regions."

Jonathan White, CE Glos Chair

Developed and delivered as a collaborative partnership