Uncomfortable truths about the UK Construction Sector

Friday 3rd July 2020, 12.00pm


Webinar Overview

A view of construction from the personal perspective of  experiences in the Oil & Gas sector. In this webinar, Peter will share lessons learned from some of the world’s largest disasters and major economic cycles including:

  • Importance of keeping it simple - Right People – Doing Things Right – Right Time
  • Silo behaviours creates cost, inefficiencies and risk
  • Leveraging technology and sharing data within GDPR constraints
  • Focus on efficiency and performance improvement yields safety benefits
  • Ensuring best practice is routine – enterprise / project and potentially sector wide
  • Linking SQEP / compliance and creating efficiencies 

At this critical time for the construction, the key question will be whether the UK Construction sector can turn a crisis into an opportunity. Peter is no stranger to crisis and on the learning that comes from this. He advised international investors on Macondo (Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico disaster) and the likelihood of BP and key players being found grossly negligent. He was offshore in close proximity to the Piper Alpha disaster where 167 people lost their lives in the North Sea and has been heavily involved in Competence Assurance and Compliance Management ever since.

Despite Peter's wider experience of danger in the Congolese jungle, North Sea’s highest risk oilwells, Chinese unsafe rigs, world’s deepest gold mine, disused UK mine workings, (fatality on the first day at each mine worked), the Eastern Front building bulk fuel installations to defend against Spetnaz attacks (etc), ironically the most dangerous place he’d ever been was his new home with live gas issuing from an inherently dangerous building. He referred the experience to the Grenfell Disaster Inquiry.

Speaker: Peter McAteer

Bsc C.Eng C.Dir FIMMM FIoD CEO Sysmax.

Peter is the founder and CEO of Sysmax which is a market- leader in the areas of Compliance & Risk Management, Risk Based Economic Evaluation and Competence Assurance. The company develops systems and delivers expert advice globally to clients including BP, Bg, Shell, Premier Oil, Neptune Energy amongst many others. Recent successful audits of the systems by the UK Health & Safety Executive and Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority have proven their pedigree.

Project leadership experience includes quadrupling the NPV of a Chinese asset, trebling the production of a large UK independent through multiple acquisitions and conceptual design of some of the most profitable fields in the world for a global Major. Advised two international abandoned exploration wells be developed for assets which subsequently were valued at $billions. He has been an advisor to international companies at strategic levels, including Talisman Energy, Apache China, Halliburton Solutions (Canada, USA, Africa, UK) and Ranger Oil West Africa.

Peter's specialist skills and experience are in innovation, creativity, strategy and setting corporate direction. His mission is to deliver strong returns for his stakeholders with diligence, skill and wisdom. Currently he is actively involved in helping companies ensure a safe and more efficient return to work due to Covid-19. .

More about Sysmax:


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