Timber and the Circular Economy Webinar for Specifiers

20th May 2022

12.00 - 13:00


Webinar Overview

Timber and the Circular Economy CPD for Specifiers

Timber has increasing appeal for architects, designers and those who specify materials for construction projects. Following on from our popular Responsible Timber Sourcing CPD, specifiers can now learn more about how responsibly sourced timber fits within the Circular Economy agenda through our fully-accredited, one-hour Timber and the Circular Economy CPD course.

Why You Need to Know about Timber and the Circular Economy

Timber is the ultimate renewable material, but to ensure we can continue to meet the demands for timber from an increase in the number of buildings constructed using timber products, we need to ensure we make the very best use of this valuable resource. Ensuring timber products and buildings last for their desired design life, and can be reused or remanufactured at the end of their use cycle, are the key to circular economy solutions.

Governments and NGOs are also pushing this agenda as part of the solution to meeting net-zero carbon construction targets. By ensuring timber products meet the circular economy agenda we can continue to incorporate these renewable, low-carbon materials into the buildings of the future, and help increase the overall carbon storage in buildings.


What you will learn from this CPD

  • What is the Circular Economy
  • Where timber fits within the Circular Economy
  • Why timber must be sourced responsibly to meet Circular Economy goals
  • How you can incorporate Circular Economy timber products into your design
  • What Circular Economy business models you could consider

The webinar will be presented by Charlie Law, Managing Director of Sustainable Construction Solutions, who has over 30 years’ experience in the construction sector, and extensive industry knowledge having worked for BAM, Kier and Lendlease. He is also Sustainability Director at Timber Development UK, a member of the Grown in Britain Executive, and a member of the Ska Technical Committee.

A CPD certificate of attendance will be awarded to participants.





Charlie has worked in the construction sector for nearly 35 years, and is Sustainability Director at Timber Development UK, the new entity formed by the merger of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA).

He is also the Founder and Managing Director of Sustainable Construction Solutions, a consultancy that specialises in moving organisations towards a circular economy business model, with a key focus on responsibly sourced timber, and Head of Construction at Pallet Loop, a circular economy start-up. He has extensive knowledge of the construction industry through his previous roles in cost management, construction management, training, and sustainability at some of the largest construction organisations in the UK.

Charlie started his career at Kyle Stewart, with its subsidiary Andrew Murray Joinery, which grew into BAM Construct, the UK arm of the €9billion turnover Dutch based construction services organisation Royal BAM Group. Prior to setting up his own consultancy, Charlie was Head of Environmental Management at BAM, where he was thought leader in the areas of circular economy thinking, resource efficiency, and responsible sourcing. Since setting up his consultancy Charlie has work for a number of large construction organisations including Kier and Lendlease, as well as specific projects for HS2, the Building Research Establishment, the Timber Trade Federation, and Confederation of Timber Industries, Supply Chain Sustainability School and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Charlie is also a main board director of Timber Development UK, a member of the Grown in Britain Executive, and a member of the Ska technical committee.

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