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NVA and Leaders

Jan 27, 2022

‘In a company, the estimated loss of potential in performance ranges from 30-50% due to inter-human problems, unsettled conflicts, inhibitions, troubled relations, insufficient freedom and a lack of opportunities for development. I think this estimate is cautious.’ Robert Staubli, past President of Swissair, 1982-1988.

There are three immediate points on the observations of Robert Staubli that are as relevant today as they were some thirty years ago.

Firstly, his estimate of the loss of potential in the performance of 30-50% he thinks is ‘cautious’. Secondly, the issues he highlights are all ‘people’ related and therefore avoidable. Thirdly, these are the outcome of poor leadership.

What Staubli is talking about are the things that the leadership in organisations should consciously manage but unconsciously let happen that erodes both performance and costs their organisations money. These are non-value added activities - NVA - or what many simply...

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